Top Ten Favourite Cereals

Top Ten Favourite Cereals

This post is very near and dear to my heart. Cereal is something I take very seriously so I just want everyone to know how difficult it was for me to choose my top ten favourite cereals. I had to be cutthroat and honest with myself, and do some serious soul searching.

Like I said, I’m serious about my cereal.

I’ve had cereal in many different forms; I’ve experimented with types of milk, different temperatures (hot or cold or warm) and even the type of bowl. Told ya I was serious.

After 23 years of life, I’ve finally perfected my method(s) of cereal eating.


Add milk and vanilla essence to saucepan -heat until warm. In a bowl, add cereal and drizzle with a little evaporated milk. Add cold milk to warm milk to cool it down, -no one likes soggy cereal right?– then pour over bowl of cereal. There you go! A nice warm comforting bowl of cereal.

Now I know most people have never eaten “hot” cereal. To be honest, I didn’t have “cold” cereal until I moved to the UK. It honestly never occurred to me to eat cold cereal, I just had it the way my family did.

It may also be because we used mostly evaporated milk which we had to water down. To water it down, we used hot (boiled) water. I very rarely make my cereal using that method these days, but I still enjoy a nice warm bowl of cereal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cold cereal. It’s just sometimes hot cereal is just what I need to hit the right spot -it’s a comfort food- and one I very much enjoy.


In a bowl, add cereal of your choice. Again, drizzle some evaporated milk onto the cereal then add whole milk. The evaporated milk, mixed with the whole milk, gives it this sort or creamy caramel taste that becomes addictive. This is definitely my preferred way of eating cereal cold.

Onto the top ten

Before I get there I just wanted to add some honorable mentions.

These cereals didn’t quite make the cut but they did come pretty close. These are as follows:

  • Capt’n Crunch
  • Crunchy Nuts
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Although I love these cereals, the competition was fierce (yes, I know I’m probably taking this too seriously) and there could only be ten in my top ten favourite cereals. Duh.

So… you ready?


10. Weetabix

Yes yes yes. I’m a Weetabix lover.

There’s just something about them that I love. They’re good for you and they’re delicious.

They’re probably my favourite cereal to eat warm.

Fun fact; I didn’t know you eat Weetabix cold. Growing up, I only ever ate them warm and when I learned you could eat them was mind boggling.

I tried them cold and let me tell ya.. I was DISGUSTED!!!!


I didn’t get it.

I didn’t understand how anyone could bare it and I don’t think I even finished the bowl.

After that, I never had Weetabix cold again. Give me a nice warm bowl of Weetabix and I’m a happy gal. I also like to add cinnamon for the extra je ne sais quoi.


9. Fruit Loops

….Or Froot Loops

OK, I have to be honest.

For years, I thought they were called Fruit Loots. That’s probably because of the Bajan accent.

To this day, I still get a little confused about which one’s which.

To be even more honest- I don’t like the Kellog’s Froot Loops. I think they taste weird and get soggy too quickly, which gives it a weird texture. I grew up eating the “cheap” version of fruit loops which came in a big bag from this store called PriceSmart in Barbados, (basically our version of Costco) and to be honest these tasted wayyy better… I’d pick them any day over Kellogs.

I like to eat these hot or cold. More so cold for the crunch 😀

8. Sugar Puffs

Also known as Sugar Puff Daddies.

These are a childhood favourite, which for some reason I always called sugar puff daddies. I really don’t know why.

The problem was you couldn’t get them in Barbados, so every time my nan came to visit from the UK, she’d bring a big bag with her that I would very quickly consume.

That sugary caramel taste? Magnifique.

I also eat these hot or cold.

They’re greeaatt!

7. Cheerios

Now who doesn’t love some good ole Cheerios?

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like Cheerios.

Now, they’re so many different types of Cheerios to choose from. For me, it’s a toss up between honey and multigrain Cheerios. I love the fact that I don’t feel guilty snacking on them and I often take them to work in a little bowl as a “healthy” snack.

Nestle makes awesome Cheerios, but I’ve had the “bargain brand” ones and they too are pretty good. Recently I’ve been buying the Lidl version and I quite like them.

6. Oats So Simple

This one was kind of a hard one.

Yes I love oats, but I was deciding whether they are technically a cereal cereal.

Furthermore, I tend to make my own oatmeal (if you read my previous top ten list, you’ll see oats was one of them), and I don’t really buy OSS so I didn’t know if was really fair to include it.

Then I thought of what I would actually buy if I was to buy ready made oats and that led me to Oats So Simple. Yet another childhood favourite.

There are so many different flavours of OSS that I had to include it for that reason alone. They are also really handy since you can buy them in those little pots for when you’re on the go.

I love the cinnamon apple and the brown sugar ones. The original is also pretty good too.

Also (and this really isn’t fair) but in England we have ReadyBrek, I love this and it also has a really distinctive taste.

I really only ever eat oats hot….it’s more comforting.

Top 5 of Top 10 Favourite Cereals

Now that we’re onto the top five, I just want to reiterate that this was really hard for me.

Not only did I have to narrow down to ten, I had to go through each one an order them. I visualized and had to imagine tasting them in order to get it right. This of course made me very hungry.

Now I’m craving cereals that I can’t have (I’m currently in Barbados so they’re hard to find) and will drive me crazy for the next couple of days.

I just want you to know how hard I’ve worked for you guys.

Now back to the list. Number five is….

5. Reese’s Puffs

Top 5 of top ten favourite cereals

Reese’s almost didn’t make it.

I don’t quite remember when I tried them, I only remember being hooked from the first bite.

They almost didn’t make it because I’ve only ever had one box of these. I know! I really don’t remember where I bought them (not even which country I was in) and I don’t know where I could get them now. Reese’s are not a popular cereal in England or Barbados so I’d probably have to get some sent to me from the good ole US of A or Canada.

I mean, I’m tempted thinking about eating those heavenly balls -pause- of peanut butter and chocolate, in a nice big bowl while watching Judge Judy… but does the benefits out way the costs? Maybe.

Thinking about it now, there’s no way Reese’s wouldn’t make this list. I may not have had them often, but I had enough for them to permanently go down in my history book.

4. Cornflakes

four of top ten favourite cereals

I know, I know.

Cornflakes? Really?

But you have to understand, cornflakes are the O.G.’s.

Cornflakes are probably the first thing you think about when asked about cereal. You just can’t go wrong with a big bowl of Cornflakes.. well… unless you get the dodgy off brand ones. Some of them are nice, but others just taste like cardboard.

Regardless, cornflakes are a staple in most households and probably will be forever.

3. Golden Nuggets

Number three of top ten favourite cereals

I am ashamed to say I nearly forgot these!

*hangs head in shame*

I already had my list sorted out and then suddenly, the image of Golden Nuggets appeared and immediately moved near the top of my list. I knew there was no way I wasn’t going to include them.

For those of you who’ve never had Golden Nugget… huh?

You’re missing out. They are like little chunks of golden heaven in your mouth. When you eat them, you feel like everything’s right in the world. The stars align, global warming seizes to exist and we’ve completely eliminated the use of plastic. It’s golden!

Trust me on this, go out right now and get you some Golden Nuggets, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Seriously! What are you waiting for? Shoo!

2. Trix

Trix top ten favourite Cereal

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

PSA: Trix are not just for kids.

Trix are for anyone drawing breath.

Trix used to be a treat growing up. In Barbados they were very expensive –they still are– so I could only buy them every now and again. This made me crave them even more.

Then, when I went the U.K. I couldn’t get them anywhere. It’s as if they didn’t exist! And that made me want them even more.

It was hard, but my love for Trix lives on.

If there ever comes a day when I no longer like Trix… arrest me! That’s an impostor posing as me.

I’m telling you right now… Trix Forever!!

Without futher ado…

Now we’ve gotten to the top of my top ten favourite cereals, I do hope my list hasn’t been a disappointment.

I hope you’ve seen comparable items on your list and are nodding along as you read. Be sure to let me know in the comments!

I won’t keep you any longer, so here you go.

Numero uno is…. drumroll please

*clears throat*

1. Special K

Special K Top of Top Ten Favourite Cereals

When choosing my number one pick, I asked myslef this question: What cereal could I eat everyday for the rest of my life?

The answer was Special K.

This may be a controversial choice, but think about it. Sugary cereals are nice and colourful and sweet, but could you really eat them everyday for the rest of your life?

I think if you’re honest with yourself, the answer is no.

I wanted to pick a cereal that’s tasty, somewhat good for you and comes in different flavours.

Special K ticked those boxes.

For some, I know Special K can be a bit pricey, but there are some good “off brand” ones. I’ve recently been getting the Lidl version of Special K, and I remember Tesco used to do a really nice one also (I even used to eat them dry! Lol). What I’m saying is there are loads of different options with special K to suit everyone’s needs, you just gotta find what’s right for you.

Did you agree with my top ten favourite cereals?

I want to know what you think. What are your favourite cereals? Did they make the list?

How do they compare to mine?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and coming on this journey with me.

Stay tuned for my next Top Ten list and view my previous top ten: Top Ten Essential Pantry Items, and see if you agree!

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